Development Notes


$ git clone git://
$ cd silk
# Publish Silk's jar files to local maven repository ($HOME/.m2/repository)
$ make local

To install command-line silk program:

$ make install  // silk command will be installed in $HOME/local/bin

To change the installation location, set PREFIX:

# Pre-compile the distribution package
$ make dist
$ sudo make PREFIX=/usr/local install  // silk command will be installed in /usr/local/bin

Configure Your Git

# Set user name for git commit
$ git config --global "(Your full name)"
$ git config --global "xyz@xxxx.yyy"
# Force use of LF (never translate LF to CRLF, the default style in Windows)
$ git config --global core.eol lf

In IntelliJ, set Unix-like EOL style in Settings -> Code Style -> General -> Line separator (for new files).

Without those settings, commit diff will be looked strange (as if every line is changed)

Check out the source code

$ git clone git://
$ cd silk

Install Silk to your $HOME/local/bin

$ cd silk
$ make install

Edit your PATH environment variable to see $HOME/local/bin


$ bin/sbt compile


$ make compile

Run tests with sbt

$ make test

Create InteliJ IDEA project files

$ make idea

Accelerate your development cycle

Continuously build the project while editing source codes:

# make debug is a short cut of 'bin/sbt -Dloglevel=debug'
$ make debug    
> ~test:compile

Run a specific test repeatedly:

$ make debug
> ~test-only (test class name) 

You can use wild-card (*) to specify test class names:

> ~test-only *OptionParserTest

Show full-stack trace of ScalaTest:

> ~test-only *Test -- -oF

Useful GNU screen setting

Add the following to $HOME/.screenrc:

termcapinfo xterm* ti@:te@

And also if your are using iTerm2, go to Preference -> Terminal, then turn on ‘Save lines to scrollback when an app status bar is present’.

These settings enable buffer scrolling via mouse when you are using screen.

For repository maintainer

Publishing artifact

  • Local deploy (to $HOME/.m2/repository)
$ bin/sbt publish-local
  • Remote deploy
$ bin/sbt publish